What a difference a year makes!

DSC_0054It is a Friday, the last day of the financial year. I have finished work early and jumped on the train home just after lunchtime, looking forward to the weekend. It’s a glorious, sunny day with a fresh breeze. As I walk up the hill, the sun warm on my face, I can’t help but smile at the perfect row of little steam-train like clouds against blue sky. I have to blink because the sun is so low that it shines right in my eyes on the way up the hill. Just when I reach the crest, with a perfect view over the city some 15 kilometers away, a gust of wind ruffles and shakes my blouse, and for a second I feel free as a bird, with no care in the world.

And then I have to laugh, because I realise that this is my ‘click moment’. The moment when I realise how fundamentally I have changed my life over the last two years, since first picking up a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tyding Up.  Continue reading “What a difference a year makes!”

Out of sight, out of mind… or: seeing is believing

Fast forward to arguably the most valuable insight from my home organisation journey: how important it is to see things.

In case you aren’t familiar with the KonMari method, organising starts with de-cluttering by category, starting with clothing, with the remaining belongings then stored in dedicated places, and in a way that they are visible at a glance and easily put away.

For many of my belongings, like clothes, cleaning products and pantry supplies, that instantly made sense. No more hunting for single socks on a Monday morning, no duplicate surface cleaner bottles in random places, and no stacks of canned tomato in the pantry because I again couldn’t remember if I still had any while at the supermarket. Continue reading “Out of sight, out of mind… or: seeing is believing”

Permission to trust your gut

You have probably heard about the single and somewhat divisive criterion Marie Kondo applies to whether or not to keep a possession. She asks people to hold the object in question and ask themselves: “Does this spark joy?”

There has been a lively debate on whether “sparking joy” is too esoteric, and whether a more down-to-earth approach like “use it, need it, love it” is more sensible in deciding what to keep. Here’s my take on it. Continue reading “Permission to trust your gut”