Joyful happy crazy time

tmp_13326-DSC_0850-1851912878.JPGWow. I did score a place in Marie Kondo’s consultant seminar. Chicago,  here I come!

I did manage to prove my house is tidy, despite living on a building site, building a kitchen that ‘sparks joy’. And juggling more balls I’ve ever had up in the air at once. Ever. Definitely feeling like I’m on to a good thing.

Wish me luck!



Permission to trust your gut

You have probably heard about the single and somewhat divisive criterion Marie Kondo applies to whether or not to keep a possession. She asks people to hold the object in question and ask themselves: “Does this spark joy?”

There has been a lively debate on whether “sparking joy” is too esoteric, and whether a more down-to-earth approach like “use it, need it, love it” is more sensible in deciding what to keep. Here’s my take on it. Continue reading

Sparking joy

Welcome! Since you have found my blog, I gather you are a kindred spirit in the search for a balanced life.

My journey began a couple of years ago when I found myself juggling an incredibly busy job, constantly chasing my tail and feeling I was letting people around me down. Not able to perform at the levels I hold myself to, and letting the home side down too in due course was an overwhelming experience at first, but it has helped me to clarify what is important for me and what isn’t, and it has taught me how to achieve and embrace balance.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy has been a key catalyst in curating the life I want – step by step. It’s not been a quick or straightforward journey, but – as Ralph Waldo Emerson said a long time ago – life is a journey, not a destination.

Please join me in my ongoing journey from decluttering my house, to restoring balance and (re)defining what works for me. This journey has made me challenge my idea of ‘perfection’ and step outside my comfort zone in more ways than one. Nearing completion of my own KonMari journey I am hoping to secure a coveted spot on Marie Kondo’s Consultant program to help other people enjoy the life-changing magic.

Follow me for my experiences, hits and misses, and key insights I have gathered along the way, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!