About abundance and order

Do you have to be a minimalist to keep your home in order?
Doesn’t organising mean stifling creativity and aspiring to a soulless stereotype promoted in home improvement magazines?
These are questions people often ask me when I mention that I organise homes. My answer – absolutely not!
Let me be the devil’s advocate.
Especially if you cherish abundance, if you like to surround yourself with many beautiful items, and if you like everything on display, it is even more important to find a designated home for everything, so that each beautiful thing can shine, and your shelves don’t descend into a cluttered mess.
The goal of organising your home is not to aspire to any ideal of tidy – it is to curate the life you want to live. So if  you are not thrilled about the thought of joining the minimalist ranks, think of decluttering as curating your own little life gallery, or boutique. No matter what style you love, whether the composition makes sense to anyone but you, when you walk into your home it should support your life.
Do you want to feel serene, energised, entertained or inspired at  home? No matter your choice, I bet you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, stressed or disorganised.
If you find yourself thinking “there are so many things I wanted to do today but again didn’t get past [insert dreaded household chore here]”, organising your home to free up valuable time and energy might just be the thing for you.
Ask yourself, what is important for you? And what would your perfect life look like?

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